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Donate by Check. Make checks payable to charity: water. If you're donating in honor of someone, sponsoring a water project or want to direct your donation to our operating costs, please write that in the memo of your check.

Most Trusted Car Donation Website. Donate car or a vehicle for charity in california, new jersey & massachusetts, Our program includes charitable contribution from a trusted car donation charity partner. Get a tax break, call today for a free pickup

How to Donate Clothing to Charity. Everyone has things in their closets that they haven't worn in years. But something you don't love anymore could be another person's new favorite outfit! To avoid throwing clothes away or having them...

Donate to WE Charity | Supporting domestic programs like WE Schools and internationally through Free The Children’s WE Villages.

To Start your Cell Phone . Fundraiser or Donation Drive, please contact Valerie at: 818-401-3728. [email protected]

Phones 4 Charity also works with schools, religious institutions, youth programs, and many other non-profit organizations. If you would like to get your organization involved with our fund raising program, then you can either fill out this form or review our phone drive program and we will contact you within the next 1 to 3 business days to discuss how we can help.

Cars for Charity is a 501(c)(3), and we accept all vehicles running or not. In addition, we also accept trucks, motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, and heavy equipment. Donate a vehicle to your favorite charity today!

Car donation charity - Donate used car Free VACATION + Maximum Car donations Tax Deduction + help others. Donate cars free vehicle towing. 888-228-7320

Donate Boat to Charity Boats with Causes makes it extremely fast and easy to donate boat anywhere in the USA. Great tax benefits, you are supporting a deep-rooted charity and you receive a free vacation voucher!

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